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Traveling around the world - it is reality. 09.28.2010
Yacht "Lady Katrin" invites passengers.

Become a team member on the yacht "Lady Katrin" It is a unique opportunity to participate in the trip around the world, to test yourself, to know true freedom, to see the world in the way that may not be shown by any travel company, and finally go away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and to relax.

August 6, 2010 yacht "Lady Katrin" shoved off from the pier of hotel "Alargasail" and began its journey around the world on the way which the fleet of the great Ferdinand Magellan has made in the 16th century and which was the first marine expedition around the globe in the human history. The journey of "Lady Katrin" around the world was planned as a cognitive and entertaining journey, and, unlike the Magellan expedition, had no commercial purpose. Therefore, the captain of the yacht will take on board passengers who wish to become explorers of the ocean and write their names in the ranks of brave men who participated in the sea voyages around the world with great pleasure.
One can join the team yacht "Lady Katrin" at any stage of the journey, on condition that there would be free seat and it will be possible without many problems to get to the stop point of the vessel.

According to the organizers plan the entire trip of "Lady Katrin" will take a year and a half and will take place in several stages. The start journey has passed through the Mediterranean to the waters of Morocco. Currently, the yacht is waiting for the team near the coast of Tunisia, to continue their journey and cross the Atlantic, heading to the shore of Brazil. Then the path will run from the Atlantic waters along the Brazilian coast to Cape Horn. The further trip will depend on how quiet the Pacific will be: the vessel either will go round Cape Horn, or deviating from the severe storms will pass through the Strait of Magellan, but in any case, it will go along the coast of Chile to the Galapagos Islands to see the uniqueness and the unique beauty of primeval nature. Traveling in the Pacific Ocean will continue through Oceania and French Polynesia to Papua New Guinea, the land where every one of us has dreamt to step in our childhood. Then the team will have a familiarity with the mysterious and remote Australia. Pacific voyage will be completed in exotic Indonesia. Leaving Indonesia behind, "Lady Katrin" will rush across the Indian Ocean to Madagascar, and from there to Cape Town. Around the World trip will be completed with the pass along the Atlantic coast of Africa to Gibraltar.

The general plan was made by a team of experienced sailors, geographers and historians, so the whole route provides tours and sightseeing, with be a lot of interesting and informative things.

In order to keep the vessel in excellent condition, it is scheduled on the route to visit the ports and to make the long-time stops, during which necessary boat maintenance, preventive maintenance service of its equipment, refueling and resupply will take place. Stop points are selected so that the members of the crew who have completed their period of travel, would have possibility to get to the airport easily, while the newcomers could easily arrive at the port and board the "Lady Katrin". It also assumes that during such planned stops the travelers, who have become the members of the team for all round the world voyage, will have time for flying home and solving emerging problems.

A few words about the yacht.
"Lady Katrin" is a sailing cruise yacht, which is assigned to class K-0, assuming unlimited navigation area. It was built on the order of the owner in 2010 especially for the world tour. The yacht is provided with all equipment, necessary for long-term autonomous navigation, as well as with modern navigation equipment, including an additional system of identification of AIS, additional autopilot, satellite phone and internet.
Here everything is arranged with one purpose - to provide its passengers with a safe, comfortable and interesting vacation. Comfortable cabins are equipped, there are services and cabin company, the equipment for fishing, swimming and group diving is provided. An international team of yacht "Lady Katrin" may consist of not more than 15 people, including the crew. The crew includes four experienced professionals who will work on the yacht during the voyage.

The stay of a team member on the ship cost from 600 euros per week. This includes accommodation, meals, maintenance and conversion costs. Alcoholic drinks, entertainment and other expenses shall be paid separately by personal choice and tastes. You should book places and discuss the terms and conditions of your stay on board in advance.

For information, please contact Yevgeniy Markov:
+38 067 570 04 04
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